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Just Us

Candy and Dwayne Roberts grew up in the Muldrow/Roland area and have deep roots in the Sequoyah County community. Having been married for 37 years, each season has brought new adventures and challenges that they tackled with creativity and passion. With a continued dedication to the area they’ve grown up in, Candy and Dwayne created a beautiful and long lasting destination venue for Sequoyah County.


Notus Farmhouse started when Dwayne had a wild idea to make unique furniture using salvaged car parts and other interesting and abandoned pieces. Their interests grew as they moved from furniture pieces to restoring entire homes, putting their unique Notus spin on each project.


In April of 2016, Dwayne told Candy that he had a surprise for her: he had purchased her great-grandparents old farmhouse. Built in 1915, the city recommended that Candy and Dwayne completely demolish it, but they saw its potential. They quickly began the major remodeling, and by August, they had planned a dream event venue unlike any other. Using their skills in remodeling and redecorating, Candy and Dwayne, along with a host of family and friends, worked tirelessly to create a setting with their classic Notus charm.


Candy and Dwayne also saw the project as an opportunity for some friendly competition to create a unique and eclectic locale. They decided that Candy would design the ladies’ quarters, and Dwyane would design the men's. It has since been a fun, ongoing competition! Candy and Dwayne love to hear guest’s feedback on their designs to prove who is truly the better decorator.

The use of reclaimed and altered materials makes Notus Farmhouse unique and interesting, but what really makes the venue stand out is the experience created for their guests. Family has always been the core value of the Roberts, and they strive to make every guest feel like they’re a part of the Notus family.


The Farmhouse

Originally, the land that now hosts the farmhouse was Indian Territory and was deeded out to a tribal resident. In 1915, the farmhouse was built and has since been occupied by various families over the years. It has been sold and resold many times. Some of the past occupants have included senators, county commissioners as well as farmers.


Candy’s great grandparents purchased and lived on the property from 1945-1978. They were farmers and often used the upstairs living quarters for boarding during harvest season. Dwayne and Candy Roberts purchased the home in 2016. Even though it was dilapidated and set for demolition the Roberts decided to do a massive overhaul and turn it into an event venue


What's in a Name

Notus - Not Us… Just a play on words. When someone would ask who did this or that, we would respond, “well, not us.”


We are not the deep thinkers, as one asks does it stand for

N - Newlyweds

O - of

T - the

U - United

S - States


Boy, kinda wish we would have thought of this!

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